Prepress, Preproduction Collateral

Not all marketing is digital. Brochures, catalogs, product packaging: these are as effective ways to promote your brand as any SEO strategy might be.

From inception to completion, Kopis All Media LLC (KAM) has direct experience preparing marketing and communication collateral for production and distribution. Online or on the table, bookshelf or retailer’s shelf: your work is formatted to your vendor’s prepress or preproduction requirements.

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Corporate Communication

Branded corporate ID development is a KAM specialty. A business card puts a name and a face to an opportunity. Letterhead and envelopes are avatars for a firm’s reputation and goodwill. An effective Power Point deck can engage stakeholders meaningfully. The annual report is a legacy document worthy of its own unique considerations.

And it’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of an inviting, usable
product and services catalog.

Oh, and be sure to get the online-compatible iterations as well.

The KAM team’s direct experience creating or improving corporate collateral for business environments that demand the best as resources allow. From corporate law firms to self-employed entertainers, globally renown brands to mom-and-pop manufacturers, Kopis All Media’s core competencies are scalable. And available.

Data Sheets, Sell Sheets, Cut Sheets, Information Fliers: a rose by any other name

Call it what you will, the document that introduces your product or service remains an important leave-behind for potential customers. Consumer/Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Industrial, Retail: KAM has direct categorical experience in developing effective product or service literature. Your target market’s audience recognizes
– and differentiates – this professional attention to detail and confers it upon your brand.

Owner’s Manuals, Installation Instructions

For those important documents a customer or client is expected to retain after the sale, take advantage of KAM’s expertise, experience and training. With an eye for safety and ergonomics and an ear for appropriate translations, KAM’s resources have been cultivated under changing retail and distribution environments.

Technically precise language gets translated into lucid everyday words. Line art is clean and direct. Photography focuses on effective meaning and intent. Graphic design collects and arranges these components to best present your information to your customer.

Product Packaging

The KAM team has toured packaging facilities in three countries—and managed packaging companies in other ones. This exposure informs production strategies not usually found in an independent marketing project management company.

Plus, this direct experience assures your prepress files are delivered to packaging vendors as they expect them, which saves time and money.

Trade Shows & Doodads

Orlando, Las Vegas, Toronto, Chicago, Anaheim, Houston, Atlanta, New Delhi: you probably recognize these as sites for the biggest trades hows in North America. KAM’s been to these destinations as well as those important smaller regional shows.
Your message can be targeted efficiently.

Booth art, golf balls, embroidered booth wearables for the team working the show, pens, key chains, tee shirts, raffle tickets, backstage passes, event posters… you get the idea.
Kopis All Media can manage this process as well, concept to delivery!